My photography

    This is my one another page showing my photography. I doesn't have any good photography skill but just like I say, I loving trying, pushing my borders of what I am capable of and trying my extremes. My only hope is to gain your valuable comments, appreciation and honest critics! :)

I'll start with my favorite and the best pic I have ever taken.

The camera in my mobile is only 3.2 mega pixel.
  • A day in the field.
My favorite. 

  • Can you see an Eagle? 

  • Now, I see a bird flying!
  • Flowers kissing the sky.
  • I love these small flowers

  • Its like the wind blew her hair off.
  • Cloud outburst, explosion! 
  • Scattered diversion 

  • Surely, that's a Santa I see. 
  • Parmesan display. 

  • Sweet messengers

  •  On the shore

  • I love my teddy

  • Sparkling fun
  • Widespread joy

  • Scattered hair

  • Messenger
  • Mighty protectors
  • Beauty scribbled
  • A beautiful tree house
  • Looking beyond
  • I love these flowers
  • My favorite rose in my garden

  • A setting sun
Must be because of my mobile, the sun was more like this, Like an eclipse!
  • A view from the Marine Drive
  • A view from the botanical garden

  • Twisted and tangled
  • Onam celebration, from my collage

  • A view from my collage.

  • Coconut wonders.

  • Yellow polka dots

  • River Bank (From my friend's place)