My paintings!


         Besides from my writing and cooking I have a deep passion for paintings. Although, my paintings looks like the scribbled version of my 2 year old nephew. I love painting as it gives me immense pleasure and a little time out of my troubled mind!                          Here are some of my paintings. When, I was about 10 or 12 I had enormous collection of beautiful work, but as we got moved out. I didn't know what happened to them! :(  I guess my painting when I was at that age, looked better! Anyway, here are some!

  • Bambi

  1. This is my painting when I was having my art classes at 5th or 6th standard.......This is was my favorite cartoon.

  • This is also from Bambi.

This also the continuation of the first picture, from Bambi.

  • I think boring classes creates amazing masterpiece(not according to mine;) 

My mam knew I was not listening and showered me tons of question and I smiled at her.

My art on a boring English hour
A lonely soul in the woods- I want to do this perfectly some time again.

  • Sail the ship, Ahoy!

  • Lion King

  • Just a scribble 

Just a scribble
My hurt!

  • Sunsets

  • Glass paintings

My first glass painting, just a try!

This did not go as I wanted it to, but still as an amateur I am happy.This means :


  • Pencil drawings

My first ever Pencil drawings
Taj Mahal 
On a beach side

A small hut on a beach

One of my favorite and recent - Silent Prayers

  • A candle flare

This didn't get as I wanted it, but this was the end result.

  • Clouds

  • Something from the shore (Not so good)

  • I tried to copy something and it turned out like this! 

  • Something with the sketch pen

  • In a house over the hills

  • River side

  • Crayon drawings

  • Sweet tulip 

  • Leafy wonders

  • Leafy flow

  • Winter day

  • Last leaf

  • My dream

  • Abandoned house