Saturday, 1 June 2013

Prepare now, so you won’t be overwhelmed later.

Prepare now, so you won't be overwhelmed later.

These verses has touched me deeply for what I always do results in this title.

What does this actually mean? The urge for me to write something for the title was so strong that I only remember smashing my keyboard to write out my heart... But, the question lingered to me like the clouds of ash and smoke when we burn something. The curtain to my doubts and questions seeped in making me think deeper. The more I think of it, the more I feel a vibration in my legs. I hope there may be sometime when someone else feel something like this.......

Prepare now, let's look about it. Is there a time when you postpone your work always? I guess the answer would be a big no. And this is for the time when you are doing something you are passionate about. I say this because,  now I am on my computer and when I saw this title, the urge to write made me do it now, and doesn't make me think for a better tomorrow. It's because from what I have got the urge resides within me this moment and it may vanish the next moment you wake up from the reality or fantasy of writing your heart. Same, is the case when you are passionate about anything. Yesterday, I bought a chocolate powder and the passion was too strong that I forgot that my tooth was pulled later that day and I need rest. But, I walked up to the kitchen and prepared a steamed cake. Alas! I had to throw it away cause it turned out to something that doesn't make even my cat to have a taste.*Giggle* What I am saying is that, even if the results didn't come out as I planned, I did what I want to do. Was there a better tomorrow?

So, when does this, tomorrow happens? Have you ever thought about it, or maybe I have to ask this to myself. As this tomorrow urge comes only when I am not passionate about the feeling. For instance, everyone feels or most of us feel a step away feel for studies and when the exam is in the coming week, we think of "Ah, we have time for tomorrow", and alas! the week swoosh by like water in sink and we regret for the past week and we sit blankly at the paper. So, why does this happen and not on the case of something passionate?

I am not a psychologist or a what should we call about it. I'm just a typical bachelor student hailing from a small country which has now transferred into a small city, yet the country taste lingers like resin on barks. From this small part where English is not the first preference, I read some articles that attracts me and know a little like 'how we should connect A B C to form words and sentences'. This is my condition. So, I seriously think of the reason why!

Anyway, this may be true or not, but, what I think is that, the reason for this laziness is because we are not aware of the sweetness from the exterior. Like the bitter guard, god! I bet you cannot drink this, but what are the medicinal benefit? This, is the reason what the elders provide. But, what I want to say and what I think is that. Everyone does have a .................................

See, this is what I was talking about, I lost my muse and I can't carry on from what I was talking about.....

Anyway, I believe whatever and how much passionate we are of, we will do whatever was fixed as on, there wont be no better tomorrow!

Thanks for reading!