Friday, 17 May 2013

If only you knew!

Star ablaze in the crimson aura

of aubergine shy smile and
pink glazed lips.

I watch with perplexity 
how the sky change patters
with hues of sterling
As I watch the clouds puffing
poetry if silver lining
on golden ink with the paper
of love and adulation

I was awe-struck for the beauty
of that diamond you 
breathed to make.
I was enchanted by the glare
it blew the life out of my eyes.

Now, as the shades change its path
and contrasting images fights
on canvas to paint
I was yearning for the love of yesterday
that glimmer powdered promise
for tomorrow
and now as I stand watching the stars
I wish,
I wish if only you knew
I sacrificed my heart for you
not to cheat on me for her.....

Only if you knew
I am the star above you
twinkling for you to show it to her
and to kiss her 
in this twinkling night!

If only you knew!