Sunday, 14 April 2013

Nature wonders

Beneath thick sheets of sorrows
Immense pleasure do gurgle with pride
Waiting for the right moment
To burst open and fall out the tears.
Nature's pride flows immensely
         Beyond wonder's!
Through the greenery,there is a fresh cut
       for the beads to flow out,
Making nature look exquisite!

A day with the nature and its game

Glistening brook whispers silently to the  lush green
that lulls them through the rock and glides
            with the wind of Ecstasy
Yearning for the touch of adulation from the sun!

A tribute to my grandmother!

Its been 5 years now my dear,
Can you imagine!

For all that you were to make laugh
Still linger to my soul and make we 
weep through bright nights of insomnia
All that your smile and talk rips my soul
and haunts and haunts me.

I wish to see your well being of the 
deep dark hallows of your eternal home
I wish with tears in my eyes that
you can feel my pan and love
As I know no other way to say
I love you!
Other than write out my heart whenever
I feel to just drop my emotion out!

How can I be happy when I come to your home
Where every rock and grass know your print
Of that angel feet that patted them with
softness of the love you showed
All the trees and plants know thy song
of love and adulation as you
have made them grow this big
To flower you blessings from the pain
you shared to let them breath!
The nature sings this song of
after you have departed form us dear!

Can you imagine!
Its 5 years and still striving!

The ivory white of small joy!

Silver night gleams a whisper of dream
   The fragrance lingering in the sky, thus far
    Gleaming sun chants mantra to the white
                    And, the sun dims away for its pride
Frolicking in the wind with thick stem on its hold
   Garden of riches envy upon the sweet ivory queen
   Sent chills of pleasure down the spine
                   The very own moon hides away
Love has send its shortest way by cupid
   Who said, love at first sight for the opposite
   For I have fallen, head love heels with love
                  Cant my nose away from this magic
The night cries pleasure for it can linger
  With this magic, that keeps us entangled
   The sheer pleasure of this sweet oblivion
                 Can fly past wind to the toil of labor
The twisted aura of the petals so satin
  Weaves us into a dreamy land of milk
   Silk as for the touch and delicate for the feel
                Sweet almond finger fondling morn to nite!
Pleasure of her perplexity leaves us enthralled
  For the stories it spun with the cosmic energy
  Is as captivating as the Ancient Mariner
               Thus Monet can't shake hands after its done!
The pure pleasure of ivory might
 Sings bewitching spells of sweet love portion
 The beetles hum with pride the melody of bees
              Cause everything's happy, just as mine!

Allah the elegant!

Shiny glaze glimmer with pride
For their creator who do love and share
Blessed this world with beauty to abide
Allah the almighty who knows to love and care

Fondled the world with exqusite delight
Perplexed eyes never cease to wonder
His grace and elegance shine with blithe
His almighty's words do make us ponder!

Ya Allah!

                                                         Silent prayers              for Allah
     To save me,                    to guide me!
From all evil and dangers that will come
Of all those mysteries and tortures I fought
Ya allah, all knowing and all embracing
Ya allah, the lord of earth and heaven
Your glory, shimmer it on me
Your protection, wrap me in
Your love, shove it
All I need is you!
Allah,guide me.
I bow low to

Secret Places!

Image courtesy to LINDA KUCH, my allpoetry friend.
Crashing boom.

     Life is a mystery to which I adore
     Sherry time of love and odor
               infused with the
      nature that sprout lush green and
               hidden corner of bliss
      Through the creak of mystery glass
        Nature pore mesmerizing hues
                 of giggling brook
      And within the shades of silver clouds
           Nature lulls the blooming words
                           of kindness
             and softness that shares
         beautiful memories of unforgettable