Sunday, 12 May 2013

To Be Like Water

molecules, all loosely packed
             sprinting ways of free and safe
             strength and elegance
     pour flower petals of sparkling atoms
              glistening brook to mighty
              waves of lush blue
     Power and strength energize every soul
              no creations of this mighty world
              never yearned for a drop to quench
     the thirst of fulfilling parched desires! 

     The moment when I can be like that
            the loose noose of natures rope
            never capturing me in the slowest tide
     I wonder if I could just loosely pack myself
            and flow with the tide of wonders
            kissing the raw soil and lush green
     Being happy and fearless, casting off trepidation
           in the crevice of rocks and flowing away
           with the adulation and believing
     In the power of strength without struggling!