Sunday, 12 May 2013

Tales of victory!

Like a shadow
but, more than black dreams
the splattered hues
in a canvas
haunts and haunts me
the beauty that
shine with amazing

I search through the branches
with ocher and evergreen emerald
to see the road
oft traveled by
Muddy from the crimson love
plastered to the soul 
of this earthly land

Upon the clear cut grass
lies the story
of travelers shady spot
and sprinting children
bloody laughter.

The time when they play the game
falling down with a cut
of clear love marked
epic varieties
like a paragon.

Elegant times of summer bath
and winter shoving ice capes from land
the land of my soul drives deep down
with a song less familiar but more sung
the tune of broken piano and harmony
My heart town sings
with each bare foot placed in the soft clear mud
without any preservatives
the pride of our land
the beauty of out landscape
shades us with laughter
of the peace serenity
the land has to offer.

Love and adulation linger 
in the air of our soul
singing songs of victory
and playing the enchanted steps of
adulation and salsa
the glory awaits more heart

Never forgetting the old words
written for the epic.