Sunday, 12 May 2013

She had to draw.......

she drew the border to 
enclose her feelings
inside the border of the
white canvas

her each strokes of brush
went to a greater distance
        beyond her imagination
        that veiled her crimson
        pain and hurdles
        she reaped in her life.


they were the only questions
she can't answer

thought the pain running through the
crevices of her melodramatic
heart painted clear visions of
most importantly

The crimson lines 
             a new heights with the glory of hues
             so she began,
             thus, she began!

Weaving masterpiece of hues that cluster
together the pain of humanity
In the lonely state of mind
pondering deep question of isolation
and melancholy.

She drew
           the image of pain and hurt
           with elegance and grace
           that with one stroke she painted her
                            the picture of humanity
                            degraded with ivory thorns
                            roses of dried guilt!
           The parched reality of words
                            stopped her to paint
                            with hues of vibrant shades
                            giving rise to enigmatic
                            pain and hate!

Exquisitely painting the wonderfulness of pure minds
with the trust of humanity
                                  tearing up with rage.