Sunday, 12 May 2013

Same keys of life.

Look at the contrasting change
       of one sunshine to other moon light
       radiant skin sing the songs of change
                  as one glow with perfect ocher
                  and the other hides beneath the skin
But can you see?
A difference in the beauty
Look closely to change the difference
      from the blood that ooze in their veins
      the limbs that have protrude from their pale body
      of the eyes and the ears and the face
                  Are you so blind?
                  to focus your kaleidoscope to the skin
                  and find the two contrasting pole?
          If I had to say, I'll ask-
          Look in her eyes!
Look in their eyes!
          Do you see the difference that you yearn to see?
          The baby blue eyes emits innocence
                         why, the dark eyes sprays sulfur?
          Look closely and find if you are paralyzed!
     NO! I see love and innocence like the one before
The clinging body attaches with love and innocence
     the two soul linger to play games they know
     Her blond hair has a song to sing
     where the short curly hair has a much stronger version
                        But, both do sing the same blood and bones
                        with a difference in the pitch and voice

Like the piano with black and white notes
                        together played to bring out- Music!