Sunday, 12 May 2013

My summer times

Ah! Its too hot
care to take a dip
on the pool of cool water

the place on earth cools down
as for the heat 
they have to bear
on the warmth it has to provide
sherry blossom of
sticky perspiration joints
and itchy skin

Snow hover through
the long tails flowing down
and as the wind hits
the tickling roots are bundles
to a thick one bun

Tasty Popsicle and icicle
linger through taste buds
easing off the hot
tongue in awe
vaporizing the heat to
abundant caloric intake
inflating like balloon for
Christmas pudding.

Soft drinks tinglings
through the road sides
just to pick and pop
like thumb on inner cheeks
popping sugar crystal 
and gum

Short skirt and think cotton
with dark sunglasses
on pavement
chasing shady trees and
to silhouette skin of wonders
with SPF 360 or 350!
applying like icing of cream
on cake

Wandering through 
the evening sun to chill
for the night