Sunday, 12 May 2013

My mom, the reason for my confidence.

In the bleak trenches of life, I stood
alone, I was searching for the word
that never stood by my side, when
I needed the torch of illusion the most

I shook for the only light, that may
lead me to the only radiant path
But now derailed of the path, my legs trembled
and my bowels created a volcanic eruption

My blood boiled with the wrath of an earthquake
yet, I trembled like that of a mouse when caught
I chanted the mantras of god know's what!
I stood with dusted emotion and rusty passion

I dreamed of a better tomorrow and stood dead
in my heart beating with my fidgets
But the soft murmur of my mom's words and wings
I stood with credence and head held high

I faced the world with my blurry visions
Sweaty hands played the most vulnerable game
But what stops me now, when my mom said "go on!"

I envisaged my prosperity and walked with pride!