Sunday, 12 May 2013

Music the healer of wounds!

Inspired by the QUOTE
When the world tightly closes it door

         slamming right on our face without any mercy
                    there are times when we wish, Oh please!
                    But, there wont be no ears
                    to listen our pain and hurt
                              that will be only the eyesore of other's
                              and, a pain on our eye that needs help.
   All the colors wait their time,
         to fade away from this wonderful worlds
                   and then goes by our favorite color
                    sinking in with us
                             deeply wounding the open wounds
                             and reopening out closed wounds
   The scar and pain, left by the pain and affliction
        will not fade away other than be pinned in the scars
                   leaving behind traces of the pain
                   and we pushed aside into the lonely trenches
                             of hurt and pain
                             and enclosed in the grid and maze where we can't
                                                         get out.
But, as time helps us heal the wounded anxiety
       there is a place where we can cry out loud
       inside our brain it has left a place
                 where we are not alone
                 as long as the strings of violin keeps beating
                 with the melody of black and white piano
                 and the flute that creates the most pleasing tune
                            that makes us alive
                            and heals the timely scars into beautiful melody
                             dusting away into the stars
       gleaming in the solitude of cosmic separation
       and bringing lively feature of corona and galaxy
                             Beating the undisputed drums of eternity
                             and music singing the song of
                             delightful pleasure
                      Making us feel enchanted
                      and making us feel alive!
                                                    Bringing wild tunes of soliloquy
                                                    enticing our world with hums of music