Sunday, 12 May 2013

Mostly people don't get the fun.

The ocher radiance shimmer hopeful vibration
                     hrough lazy Sunday mornings 
                     and hot pot of desired fat of cheese
             the night had to offer tons of epic dialogue
                     mystifying souls into a lazy tantrum
                     of push and pull with duvet and blanket
                                             oft ends up baggy eyes
                                             and yellow teeth.
        The tight schedule of tuxedo and Mercedes
                               marches thick leather patting concrete
                               obscures the enthralling laughter of
                                             yesterday, until today!
        What has the air conditioned life to offer
                    when safety belt breaks open the seal with
                    uncontrollable twist and turn
                               creates a series of trauma
                    Cause the euphoria of life has secured
                    a place of enchantment secured tightly
                               in a plastic cincture
                                              where only few opens the lid
                                              and experience the Diwali of
                                               lights and know the fun with sweets!
       Most of the time, the fun yearns to break open
       but, the grey sky with clouds sullen and silver lining
                   hover through the fun to button up the lips
                   yearning to break a smile
                                              rather than break the egg
                                              of ivory stress!