Sunday, 12 May 2013

I can let it go away.

September eve
     on the zebra crossing
      just when the signal 
            was closed
      I made my step
            to freeze of a sight!
            Of you I saw..

All in a sudden I froze to the 
     white stripes in between black
     or black in between white?

Blank honking reverted my senses
     but I walk awkwardly,
     trying to remember
             how was that I saw you?

Bout a week passed
alone in my boudoir

Munching cashew
snapping peanuts

the hot brew spreading widely
    through my lymph
    heating my body

Visions playing in my siesta
    of your hair playing games

I smiled!

Making you walk in liberty
as this is something
I can control
         I don't have to regret..

I let you go in circles
as the smoke of my cigar
           drew grey shadows!
           In my grey afternoon!