Sunday, 12 May 2013

Envisaging natures deep secret!

silently, winter falls behind
          daring the sun to rise from its siesta
          amiably waiting for the warmth
                      hovering through nature's games.
soaring high in the winter evenings
          small rays of sun warming the snow
          winter's perplexity melts with adulation
                      nesting small magnifying glasses-
silently on the soft petals of spring's blithe
          embracing the effort of budding
          golden poetry with the vernacular words
                     of affinity poignantly creating masterpieces.
Such affliction suffered exquisitely envisage nature's bloom
          miraculously well said, to project the wonders
          so soft the truth that depicts the beauty
                    yearning for what nature has secretly set by surprise

Embracing the soft petals, the dew drop glisten the secrets of nature.