Friday, 17 May 2013

If only you knew!

Star ablaze in the crimson aura

of aubergine shy smile and
pink glazed lips.

I watch with perplexity 
how the sky change patters
with hues of sterling
As I watch the clouds puffing
poetry if silver lining
on golden ink with the paper
of love and adulation

I was awe-struck for the beauty
of that diamond you 
breathed to make.
I was enchanted by the glare
it blew the life out of my eyes.

Now, as the shades change its path
and contrasting images fights
on canvas to paint
I was yearning for the love of yesterday
that glimmer powdered promise
for tomorrow
and now as I stand watching the stars
I wish,
I wish if only you knew
I sacrificed my heart for you
not to cheat on me for her.....

Only if you knew
I am the star above you
twinkling for you to show it to her
and to kiss her 
in this twinkling night!

If only you knew!

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Cascading driblets of colorless hues.

melody of parched dreams linger
  with a hum of death and malevolence
I hear them all day long and I can't
  stop humming it from my throat

Death could have been better
  if it would flow through the crimson crevice
of my heart like hot wax melting with ire
  that wouldn't hurt me.

Than with the fact I had to go through
  with only sleepless nights
and soaked pillow with patches of tears
  stained like dried blood of pain.

Life has treated me pretty badly
  with sunken eyes and torn lips
I pray to the almighty for a better day
  without tears and sleepless night!

Music the healer of wounds!

Inspired by the QUOTE
When the world tightly closes it door

         slamming right on our face without any mercy
                    there are times when we wish, Oh please!
                    But, there wont be no ears
                    to listen our pain and hurt
                              that will be only the eyesore of other's
                              and, a pain on our eye that needs help.
   All the colors wait their time,
         to fade away from this wonderful worlds
                   and then goes by our favorite color
                    sinking in with us
                             deeply wounding the open wounds
                             and reopening out closed wounds
   The scar and pain, left by the pain and affliction
        will not fade away other than be pinned in the scars
                   leaving behind traces of the pain
                   and we pushed aside into the lonely trenches
                             of hurt and pain
                             and enclosed in the grid and maze where we can't
                                                         get out.
But, as time helps us heal the wounded anxiety
       there is a place where we can cry out loud
       inside our brain it has left a place
                 where we are not alone
                 as long as the strings of violin keeps beating
                 with the melody of black and white piano
                 and the flute that creates the most pleasing tune
                            that makes us alive
                            and heals the timely scars into beautiful melody
                             dusting away into the stars
       gleaming in the solitude of cosmic separation
       and bringing lively feature of corona and galaxy
                             Beating the undisputed drums of eternity
                             and music singing the song of
                             delightful pleasure
                      Making us feel enchanted
                      and making us feel alive!
                                                    Bringing wild tunes of soliloquy
                                                    enticing our world with hums of music 

Tales of victory!

Like a shadow
but, more than black dreams
the splattered hues
in a canvas
haunts and haunts me
the beauty that
shine with amazing

I search through the branches
with ocher and evergreen emerald
to see the road
oft traveled by
Muddy from the crimson love
plastered to the soul 
of this earthly land

Upon the clear cut grass
lies the story
of travelers shady spot
and sprinting children
bloody laughter.

The time when they play the game
falling down with a cut
of clear love marked
epic varieties
like a paragon.

Elegant times of summer bath
and winter shoving ice capes from land
the land of my soul drives deep down
with a song less familiar but more sung
the tune of broken piano and harmony
My heart town sings
with each bare foot placed in the soft clear mud
without any preservatives
the pride of our land
the beauty of out landscape
shades us with laughter
of the peace serenity
the land has to offer.

Love and adulation linger 
in the air of our soul
singing songs of victory
and playing the enchanted steps of
adulation and salsa
the glory awaits more heart

Never forgetting the old words
written for the epic.

The exquisiteness of butterflies

Weightless creature flutter wings
shedding diamond dust into wind
spreading hues of enchantment

butterflies, flutter all the way through

From flower to flower they jump and hop

sucking tongue and plucking nectar

frolicking in the wind, dancing with the breeze

butterflies, flutter all the way through

Shy and timid they fly across

in an already beautiful garden like their wings

when their wings flutter, its like dusting diamond

butterflies, flutter all the way through

In the garden so green like a transparent fairy

fluttering the antenna like that of a love wand

Spreading love and adulation with their exquisite hues

Butterflies, flutter to my heart with love!

My mom, the reason for my confidence.

In the bleak trenches of life, I stood
alone, I was searching for the word
that never stood by my side, when
I needed the torch of illusion the most

I shook for the only light, that may
lead me to the only radiant path
But now derailed of the path, my legs trembled
and my bowels created a volcanic eruption

My blood boiled with the wrath of an earthquake
yet, I trembled like that of a mouse when caught
I chanted the mantras of god know's what!
I stood with dusted emotion and rusty passion

I dreamed of a better tomorrow and stood dead
in my heart beating with my fidgets
But the soft murmur of my mom's words and wings
I stood with credence and head held high

I faced the world with my blurry visions
Sweaty hands played the most vulnerable game
But what stops me now, when my mom said "go on!"

I envisaged my prosperity and walked with pride!

Let's secure the pact of prosperity.

Surgical intensity cuts deep affliction
for the prose of mud diminishing fertility

the infatuation of poetry seeped in
                        long ago
perhaps, that is the reason to underline
              pick up your pen
                       and wipe her tears off 

     the tear floats like dust in sunlight
     you don't care to see the pain it inflicts
     to the season and change the barren land bear
Old song depict the solitude of the sun
lingering golden verses of isolated words
            Can we paint new decisions
                      to save this land from annihilation

Perhaps not;
her limbs are poor
with no blood to bid
             the pain she suffered
             to build the strong barks
             to settle her sorrow
             in the natures bosom
     and cry her pain in silence within
                 the plain beauty where she will find peace

But faces are different each time
           once white with glow of innocence
           later dark with the cream of

Dive into the masses with your words of wisdom
          Nonsense, when words can sow distance
          but this ain't philosophy to inflict

          but, to act upon with the desire of

O, they say
           the land ain't our's to rescue
           for nothing reaps profit into our pocket!

Say, gentlemen!
                 The world you step
                 ain't yours then!
                      this ain't your property
                      to save the riches
                      and close eyes to the poor

This place ain't something from your desire
                 not form your womb to the
                 shelter for your fat brains!

This land belong to all
                if you breath nature's breath
                if you eat that is nature's fruit
                if you drink nature's sweat

Do you ponder?
are you perplexed?

At the greater level of achievement
               nature reap without you!
And you who- destroy;
               says- this ain't mine!

Pity your brain for the fart of money
              and not intelligent for your ass who
              reap profit sitting on mother's lap!

Pick out your ink
The paper that can scribble your rights
now let the ink flow to the nib
            your poetry
All that you can
           to save her from the hurdles
           with your soft words of adulation
           let's make her believe
                     we are one
           for her
                    for them
                               for us!

I can let it go away.

September eve
     on the zebra crossing
      just when the signal 
            was closed
      I made my step
            to freeze of a sight!
            Of you I saw..

All in a sudden I froze to the 
     white stripes in between black
     or black in between white?

Blank honking reverted my senses
     but I walk awkwardly,
     trying to remember
             how was that I saw you?

Bout a week passed
alone in my boudoir

Munching cashew
snapping peanuts

the hot brew spreading widely
    through my lymph
    heating my body

Visions playing in my siesta
    of your hair playing games

I smiled!

Making you walk in liberty
as this is something
I can control
         I don't have to regret..

I let you go in circles
as the smoke of my cigar
           drew grey shadows!
           In my grey afternoon!

She had to draw.......

she drew the border to 
enclose her feelings
inside the border of the
white canvas

her each strokes of brush
went to a greater distance
        beyond her imagination
        that veiled her crimson
        pain and hurdles
        she reaped in her life.


they were the only questions
she can't answer

thought the pain running through the
crevices of her melodramatic
heart painted clear visions of
most importantly

The crimson lines 
             a new heights with the glory of hues
             so she began,
             thus, she began!

Weaving masterpiece of hues that cluster
together the pain of humanity
In the lonely state of mind
pondering deep question of isolation
and melancholy.

She drew
           the image of pain and hurt
           with elegance and grace
           that with one stroke she painted her
                            the picture of humanity
                            degraded with ivory thorns
                            roses of dried guilt!
           The parched reality of words
                            stopped her to paint
                            with hues of vibrant shades
                            giving rise to enigmatic
                            pain and hate!

Exquisitely painting the wonderfulness of pure minds
with the trust of humanity
                                  tearing up with rage.

Envisaging natures deep secret!

silently, winter falls behind
          daring the sun to rise from its siesta
          amiably waiting for the warmth
                      hovering through nature's games.
soaring high in the winter evenings
          small rays of sun warming the snow
          winter's perplexity melts with adulation
                      nesting small magnifying glasses-
silently on the soft petals of spring's blithe
          embracing the effort of budding
          golden poetry with the vernacular words
                     of affinity poignantly creating masterpieces.
Such affliction suffered exquisitely envisage nature's bloom
          miraculously well said, to project the wonders
          so soft the truth that depicts the beauty
                    yearning for what nature has secretly set by surprise

Embracing the soft petals, the dew drop glisten the secrets of nature.  

Mostly people don't get the fun.

The ocher radiance shimmer hopeful vibration
                     hrough lazy Sunday mornings 
                     and hot pot of desired fat of cheese
             the night had to offer tons of epic dialogue
                     mystifying souls into a lazy tantrum
                     of push and pull with duvet and blanket
                                             oft ends up baggy eyes
                                             and yellow teeth.
        The tight schedule of tuxedo and Mercedes
                               marches thick leather patting concrete
                               obscures the enthralling laughter of
                                             yesterday, until today!
        What has the air conditioned life to offer
                    when safety belt breaks open the seal with
                    uncontrollable twist and turn
                               creates a series of trauma
                    Cause the euphoria of life has secured
                    a place of enchantment secured tightly
                               in a plastic cincture
                                              where only few opens the lid
                                              and experience the Diwali of
                                               lights and know the fun with sweets!
       Most of the time, the fun yearns to break open
       but, the grey sky with clouds sullen and silver lining
                   hover through the fun to button up the lips
                   yearning to break a smile
                                              rather than break the egg
                                              of ivory stress! 

To Be Like Water

molecules, all loosely packed
             sprinting ways of free and safe
             strength and elegance
     pour flower petals of sparkling atoms
              glistening brook to mighty
              waves of lush blue
     Power and strength energize every soul
              no creations of this mighty world
              never yearned for a drop to quench
     the thirst of fulfilling parched desires! 

     The moment when I can be like that
            the loose noose of natures rope
            never capturing me in the slowest tide
     I wonder if I could just loosely pack myself
            and flow with the tide of wonders
            kissing the raw soil and lush green
     Being happy and fearless, casting off trepidation
           in the crevice of rocks and flowing away
           with the adulation and believing
     In the power of strength without struggling!

My summer times

Ah! Its too hot
care to take a dip
on the pool of cool water

the place on earth cools down
as for the heat 
they have to bear
on the warmth it has to provide
sherry blossom of
sticky perspiration joints
and itchy skin

Snow hover through
the long tails flowing down
and as the wind hits
the tickling roots are bundles
to a thick one bun

Tasty Popsicle and icicle
linger through taste buds
easing off the hot
tongue in awe
vaporizing the heat to
abundant caloric intake
inflating like balloon for
Christmas pudding.

Soft drinks tinglings
through the road sides
just to pick and pop
like thumb on inner cheeks
popping sugar crystal 
and gum

Short skirt and think cotton
with dark sunglasses
on pavement
chasing shady trees and
to silhouette skin of wonders
with SPF 360 or 350!
applying like icing of cream
on cake

Wandering through 
the evening sun to chill
for the night

Same keys of life.

Look at the contrasting change
       of one sunshine to other moon light
       radiant skin sing the songs of change
                  as one glow with perfect ocher
                  and the other hides beneath the skin
But can you see?
A difference in the beauty
Look closely to change the difference
      from the blood that ooze in their veins
      the limbs that have protrude from their pale body
      of the eyes and the ears and the face
                  Are you so blind?
                  to focus your kaleidoscope to the skin
                  and find the two contrasting pole?
          If I had to say, I'll ask-
          Look in her eyes!
Look in their eyes!
          Do you see the difference that you yearn to see?
          The baby blue eyes emits innocence
                         why, the dark eyes sprays sulfur?
          Look closely and find if you are paralyzed!
     NO! I see love and innocence like the one before
The clinging body attaches with love and innocence
     the two soul linger to play games they know
     Her blond hair has a song to sing
     where the short curly hair has a much stronger version
                        But, both do sing the same blood and bones
                        with a difference in the pitch and voice

Like the piano with black and white notes
                        together played to bring out- Music!