Sunday, 14 April 2013

The ivory white of small joy!

Silver night gleams a whisper of dream
   The fragrance lingering in the sky, thus far
    Gleaming sun chants mantra to the white
                    And, the sun dims away for its pride
Frolicking in the wind with thick stem on its hold
   Garden of riches envy upon the sweet ivory queen
   Sent chills of pleasure down the spine
                   The very own moon hides away
Love has send its shortest way by cupid
   Who said, love at first sight for the opposite
   For I have fallen, head love heels with love
                  Cant my nose away from this magic
The night cries pleasure for it can linger
  With this magic, that keeps us entangled
   The sheer pleasure of this sweet oblivion
                 Can fly past wind to the toil of labor
The twisted aura of the petals so satin
  Weaves us into a dreamy land of milk
   Silk as for the touch and delicate for the feel
                Sweet almond finger fondling morn to nite!
Pleasure of her perplexity leaves us enthralled
  For the stories it spun with the cosmic energy
  Is as captivating as the Ancient Mariner
               Thus Monet can't shake hands after its done!
The pure pleasure of ivory might
 Sings bewitching spells of sweet love portion
 The beetles hum with pride the melody of bees
              Cause everything's happy, just as mine!