Sunday, 14 April 2013

A tribute to my grandmother!

Its been 5 years now my dear,
Can you imagine!

For all that you were to make laugh
Still linger to my soul and make we 
weep through bright nights of insomnia
All that your smile and talk rips my soul
and haunts and haunts me.

I wish to see your well being of the 
deep dark hallows of your eternal home
I wish with tears in my eyes that
you can feel my pan and love
As I know no other way to say
I love you!
Other than write out my heart whenever
I feel to just drop my emotion out!

How can I be happy when I come to your home
Where every rock and grass know your print
Of that angel feet that patted them with
softness of the love you showed
All the trees and plants know thy song
of love and adulation as you
have made them grow this big
To flower you blessings from the pain
you shared to let them breath!
The nature sings this song of
after you have departed form us dear!

Can you imagine!
Its 5 years and still striving!