Wednesday, 29 August 2012

What Did I Just See?

Pampering, My lovely golden hair
Unaware of the devilish creature behind
Staring at my beauty and my skin so fair
I turn so as to see a figure that turned me spellbind

Look to the mirror again startled
Wondering what the heck did I just see
Fell deep in thoughts being marveled
Is this true, Then why me?

Couldn't believe my eyes
The figure so very rotten
Smell so devilish just like skunk and mice
The fragrance of fresh blood got its eyes brighten

Devilish figure body as black as coal
Geeky whisper like soft breeze smell of garbage
Scurry off sucking in my soul
Penetrate in to my blood deep damage

Leaves it sprinting fresh blood
And sucks up every single drop
As its here, eternal ocean of blood
It makes me weak and make me stop

Stares at it again, Wondering weak
Scared I am and wondering what did I just see?
Is this thing real or is it just a freak
My friends acting freak or the real devil set free

Confused I am to my every limit and scared
But could not lie to my own eye
Trust what I saw that set me snared
Whispering that I deserved to die

Softly yet a merciless grip
Hold me strong and squeeze me tight
Until It let my whole blood to drip
Silent gaze and fades out with all my might
By a confused mind thinking, What the hell did I just see?


I can almost taste
the blood from your veins
That pours from your heart
So true and so delicious
You made me stay all alone
Where you should have known
Am best in my kind
To keep the blood lust fresh
Am laying here on the ground
Blood stained and broken
Oh Dear, the smell of your blood
Keeps me wanting more
And the fragrance of it
Run wild through my body
Pumping each second,
A new level to my sweet silent revenge
You should have known
That am all alone
When you left me desperate and alone
The blood dripping anxiously
To know about the heart you hold
Sincere it is to its own heart
Not like the one who beholds
Fake trust's and promises
Instincts were true, to which I ignored
Kept hidden under deep slumber and snores
I am once again left broken inside
Blood stained stark crimson red
Waiting to be torn again
For the silent revenge awaits in my heart
Late, I may be though
But blood waits and helped me so
Freshly cut wounds, that are not mend to be healed
Left unnoticed for silent revenge
Wont rest until I could
What my blood and heart asks and desires for
You left my heart burst open
Exploding hatred from the very heart of love
Phasing and mending new steps of bloody red
To fulfill my revenge unaffected in someplace of my heart
Sprinting new levels for my pain
Blood poured out wakes me up from my slumber
Pushing me to the tide
To flow with the tide to reach my success
Where lies my prosperity

Twisted & Tangled!

Twisted &Tangled
I lay in this web
I know my skill
But am stuck confused!

No Air!

Trembling with fear
Wanna make out the truth
Tangled up and tongue-tied
Gasping like a fish on land

Breathing no air!

Staring at the dew drops fresh
Quench my thirst to love you real
My knees are so weak and,
am falling down to your feet
Gasping for something
Like am ,

breathing no air!

Your love sparkles bright
Like a diamond in the sun
Melting out and flowing free
Making its way for me to see
It reaches out to my heart and,
Am breaking free,
But still am yearning for something

breathing no air!

Guide me love to a safest place
Cupid descended, now gotta pave my way
Love these angel with all my heart
Now I can stand straight and I’ll say
Your love made me crazy, now am free
Still Missing for something and you made me feel
That am, 

breathing no air!


Not always you get the feeling to live
Every time you may not feel happy
But there happens to be lots of situation to weep
Well I got mine!
Life was at its ease as I remember
In a split second it changed, I wont say
Gradually it took time as my path went wrong
My life said to be happy, remains like a memory
Now all I got to say is the story of melancholy
I have tripped and fell down in to the dooms pot
where agony rage and hatred only remains
Black magic is a game to play with others life, They believe
Got their hook and now am hanging
Life is unpredictable to travel as we wish
Never predict so as what comes next, Its with nobody's will
I am not able to laugh out loud cus of the pain i bear
Poetry still helps me as my friend, and still I cant open my heart to it
When my heart sinks to sorrow, I sit down and weep, Silently
The sadness I bear is so much for me, Where I find my time to explode
Never happened love failure as my heart didn’t have time for that
The sad story I bear is so dark and mysterious, That am scared
Will I be laughed and kicked out? I don’t know!
I always wondered what others heart desires for as I can’t explain mine
I find myself timid and spineless but I got my reasons to be!
I want to explain my situation but find tongue-tied by the dark that hold me
Am so scared at the outer world where I find myself invisible
My life, my possession, how bad it may be,
Still I have to breath until god takes out my capacity to breath
And make me lay like a ashen corpse, Lifeless as ma now!

The Women in Black

I always see this figure
Not very clear
Just floats through the air
But I don’t get scared
Cant make out its features
To describe how she looked
Cus all that I see is a,
Women in black.
Her deep dark eyes,
stares down into mine
A whisper I hear
Wanting to say something
I try to make out what she says
But all I hear is a blur
should I feel angry or sorry for her?
I am confused!
Is it just my feelings
Or is she real?
I cant make sure of anything
As I got this crazy feeling
Or have I gone mad
Am I imagining things
I wonder, am I the only one who is seeing her?
One thing is crystal clear
About what do I always see
Is women in black
Like a clock all around
Dragging it everywhere she goes
Sweeping the place as she walks
I can hear chains too
Fumes like burning fire
Appears within her
A stinky graveyard smell of rotten meat
Raise once in a while
It happens that I always see
And am going crazy
I don’t know if spirits exist
But one thing that surely do haunts me
Is the women in black!

Turned as a robot

Sunrises! No sign of you
The night before I lay fallen
Into the hands of the dark
Wondering will I ever get back up
Waiting for you, To hold me tight
And raise me up from the dark
I sat frozen upon the window sill
Staring blindly to the hurdles
You made me carry with
Now you left me in the middle of nowhere
Sun beam hits upon me and it hurts badly
For not having you!
Staring deep within
that have no limits to explain
on the hardship I face
now I sit frozen like a robot
hard to know whether am me!
Butterfly flutter its wings and fly to me
As it fly showers the diamond dust
Soon turns to be dark wind
Hits me like a violent storm
I lay fallen into the hands of the dark
Wondering will you ever show up
Or should I phase back up as the robot I become!


Out in the dense forest
Laying in the beam of the sun
Hurt inside, deep cut
Pouring blood let out my pain
As the Tyndall effect falls all over me
Visible streaks of stark red lines
Of the wound that appears to be
From parting you
In the crimson red gown that you love
Lay broken deep inside
Wonder if I could get over?
The stones of joy
Turns dark with melancholy
Fresh grown grass and the rose
Turns dead with the sorrow hard to bear!
They knew me so well
And now I lay broken and dead
Turns then weak and pale inside and out
Ho! Hail Holy light
Put your light through me
And wake me up from the deep slumber am in
I need to grow up to a new life
Red roses stick with me
The one you gave
Lay besides me torn and blood stained
I see a distant image
Like a mirage glistening in the sun beam
Seems to be like you
But appears to be a deer
Stand straight bold and strong
How I wish you could be strong like that
Stays deep but as a wish!
As night fall I imagine you could come rescue me
From where I lay broken inside
As night fall I believe that my pain will fly
And you take the honors
As night fall, I wish!