Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Dreaming you

Diamond dust sparkling on
dreaming your soft lips
missing you and your kiss
dreaming you, keeps me happy
missing you so badly
for your kiss
and for you my love!

Love From a Butterfly

 In my garden
Resting lazily in the sun
Fragrance of flowers wild in the air
Melting me away to a silent slumber
As daffodils dance
And the orchids sing
A soft melody to my tender ears
The nature calls lulls me to sleep
Where I fall in to hands of the god’s creation
Naked absorbing the beauty of nature
Trying to melt in to it…..
There I could sense the gentle touch
Like a soft angel
The touch of my butterfly
A beautiful creature with a touch of spring
Rainbow colored purity
A sense of serenity
As it flutters it tender wings
Waves of colors and patterns scatter in to the thin air
Like gold dust from the fairy’s wand
Like a magic I appears to shower love
Spread kisses as it goes
Lucky if it hits you
Eternal glory is all you get
As it spreads its wings of love
Takes you to a land unknown
Asks you to follow its lead
That will take you to an immense pleasure
Butterfly trails with kisses
Leads you to an eternal love
With the wings of your butterfly
That showers the love dust to an immense joy
That cannot be described
Close your eyes
Watch your butterfly
Then waves of diamond dust
Shall sparkle on its way
Ha! What a beautiful sight


SiEyes emits fumes as she stares
Cherry lips with the cunning smile
Melts you away to her own way
waiting anxiously for a drop of blood
Sucks up life from the man, who loves
The cunning devil, your worst nightmare!
She watches over the world
In an utter  silent gaze
Burns fire like that of hell in her eyes
Anger that is stark red
Eternal rage fumes in her
Shrieks and howls that she loves
Know to cope with the hate
Slowly very slowly
With that cunning looks
Attract the men on to her
With silent kiss yet so passionate
Moves her way to that sprinting veins
Fresh blood is she desires
The cunning women with her melodious voice
And her beauty that no one can deny
Eternal beauty with the eternal rage
Can shred her enemy into pieces'
Scrape the flesh from the bones
Sprinting blood drinks em all
Lovely blaze that of  the flickering fire
Attract men on her desire
Promises that she keeps
The cunning devil, with the promises that she keeps
On waiting for the kill and sucking up the blood


With words of joy that pops up
Free or if busy I sit down to write
The lines just comes as like an obsession
Once it come, its hard to let go
Lines of pride and joy pops open
Fingers tremble to take a pen and write
Anywhere I  may be, I just don't care
I write as my hearts wishes for
My eternal desire to flow my imagination
To let my dreams and hopes fly high
Determination leads me to success
And writing poems leads me to determination
I may not count the lines or the words
When all that matters are the meaning
I once did got up from my bed late a night
Took up a pen and scribbled something
Morning light appeared, what I saw startled me
A piece of writing, such a wonderful poetry
I fave  it upon my walls
Where all my writings are pinned so hard
Writing shows me where to stand
As it takes me to a far away land
with happiness and joy
Leaving behind the harsh reality one should face
As it describes me and my style
I dedicate myself to the poems I write
Where it reflect what I am And,
I write when I wanna write.


Devious creature all in white
Floats all over, what a wonderful sight
Hell hounds howl, beautiful melody
Whispers and shrieks, clear and ghostly
Sings and hums a song of melancholy
Pops anger so deathly
Cries out its pain of life
Never bother to cease its rife
None try to take a listen
To understand their tension
Flees of as they see
The ghostly figure of me
Yes! I want to show my existence to the people
Scares them to death and I giggle
I’ll do what I like Cus I am this way
Lead by the cruel on that day
Where they ripped me to pieces after a rape
Never knew I’ll come for my revenge, where they can’t escape
Ghost, ghost, ghost, stop calling me that
I had a wonderful life than that
I have summoned to the eternal end
Who ceases me to stop, now here I am been send
Wait, here I come

Beautiful Day Without You

My heart has sunken so deep
Without you again
It’s another beautiful day without you
My world seems to be down,
Shattered into tiny pieces
Just like my heart, without you
From the day you are gone
I felt lonely
And my heart seems to be empty
And it’s like another beautiful day without you
I can’t give up
And my mind can’t forget you
I was so into you, when you ran away
Sun is set so high
And a beautiful sunny day
With wild birds and flowers
Just like the way you love
But my heart feels heavy for you are not here to enjoy it
Just like everyday from then
It’s a beautiful day without you
I walk through the meadows
Honey comb brushing me fondly
Feeling sorry for not seeing you with me
Wild lily in the air
And bees buzzing all around
Flowers dancing in the rhythm of the wind
The brook gleaming like a diamond in the rough
I see your face deep within
Every nature signs just like a day you love
And a beautiful day without you
I feel so lonely
You come to me
Or ill come digging deep to you
You ran away like ash in the time
Being a memory leaving me behind
To live with your memories
Burning my heart
And with deep agony and fresh cut wound on my heart
That would not heal
And to face another new day
A beautiful day without you


I live within the world of dreams
With wonders and lots of screams
I run wild into the depths.
This leads me to more steps
Wild imaginations scares me
Cus it’s the ghosts that I always see
I cry for my mummy
But all I see is skeleton dummy
Ghostly figure wanders around
With deathly screams and sound
 Screeching windows squealing door
Cloudy ceiling dusty floor
Cobwebs decorations black and brown    
 A slumber queen in whitish gown
Freaky squeaky mousy smell
Rubbish digger florist Nell
How I hate to leave in this house
A ghostly nasty freaky house
Up above in the money hills
The house known to be the frills
Your worse nightmare filled hasty louse
The freakish devilish ghostly house


Hey, I heard that you are moving away
To a distant place with dismay
So I guess its 3 days from now
And I would have to appreciate you with a wow
Do you know why?
For the guts that’s you show
You must be thinking what I am saying here
Brother, listen to me very clear
Saying goodbye is a hardest part to do
But it’s not like forever you should go
With just a goodbye and a fake smile
Just remember it’s only for a while
The world is big and round
Just like your eyes as Bugsy bound
Sorry that’s my favorite teddy’s name
Dear, wave goodbye and set of your journey
Am sure it’s going to be a wonderful journey
With fresh and melodious memories
That makes you smile and weep at the same time
Remember all the while
With the most beautiful smile
Wherever you go, adventure waits for you
And for you some new friends awaits you
Learn to get along with it
And let go of the anger shit
You know something
That goodbye is a token of honor saying
We will meet again soon!


Don’t tell me about it now, cus I 
Don’t wanna know
No wonder why I feel irritated
Don’t sleep under this situation
Cus it has turned pretty wacky
And I am scared, oh!
Love can catch up so tight
And leave us behind on the edge
Clinging to the root
Of the glory, I may fall in to the deep
Hold me tight
I feel like falling
I don’t know why?
I am so twisted
I am so crazy
I may turn insane forever…..
I always wondered
Am I the only one twisting crazy?
Your love has always
Provided me a tender feeling of turning crazy
I don’t know why?
I am pretty serious about the relationship
I don’t want you to think that I am not a hit and run trail
Whatever you may feel from me
Is the truth
Everything is just a feeling of simplicity toward love
The silent gaze with you darken deep pale blue eyes
Emits hot steams of love towards me
You know very well to keep me crazy
I wanna tear up the boundaries that keep you away
I wanna run up to you
And quench my thirst for you
I wanna shower my love for you
Only if you stop making me crazy
Ha! The vast oceanic mind of mine
Like a drop to the drought
Ceasing my heart to stop and think
About the past moments I had with you
Where you turned me going crazy
Insanity with ingenuity
Crank up the pump beats of love
The lust emits high electricity
Whew I get attached to it and get frisky
Ha ha I turning up crazy
When you lift me up and kiss me on my lips
I ask for you in my deepest slumber
Asking to stop making me go wacky
With love!