Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Hope sparkles when tears flows out

Hope sparkles when tears flows out.
Our hands unite the way our heart is! As,
Plants sprout out even if their mother has been torn,
Every species is born with Hope!

When the barrier became strong between us
You stood by my side, crossing hand's whispering Hope!

When our life was so miserable, I went pale and pique
You caught me from falling and whispered hope!

When the light that reached my heart stopped
You showered from yours and whispered to me Hope!

When I dearly felt that our worlds are shattering
You hold back the puzzle, locking inside whispering Hope!

When I blamed my dear God for what happened
You took me by the hands and said "God helped to see, so believe and do Hope!"

Its not late to realize what is meant to be,
Life has its own ups and down for us to row our boat hard!
If there are no adventure then how can we survive,
I dearly believed this when he took me by his hands, grasping tightly-
and whispering like a gentle breeze to my heart that has heated up, Hope dear,Hope!

Horrific Tea Party

Well, Well,Its time to prepare some horrific tea
The king and our dear queen from horror court,
is gonna pay off some visit in a long time, Babe!
Shall we start preparing our delicious goodies,
and the tea from our ancestors! 

Ah, Tea pot is bubbling! Am ready! Am ready!
The sweet smell of hot blood boiling is a delight
That our beautiful horror queen adore! Adding,
some sugar and skull powder to get a fine creamy tea!
Hmm, the smell is delicious that I may have it all!

Lets start making our fine goodies, Darling
We shall have a dark bloody bones chip cookies
Some choco blood cake with bones finally chopped
And finger stick, that shall be dipped in blood
Oops! Are these goodies gonna be too sweet?

The table has to be set, Flower vase with hay and hair!-Ready
Chairs and tables cleaned in gore!-Ready
Air freshened with fresh blood and flesh!-Ready
Aaah! Now all set let them come.
Yes! Here they come! Welcome my dear's!

Teas is served with chocho ladies finger chopped!
Her almighty is pleased! Now they goodies are fine,she said!
Am delighted! I can never be so much happy
To set a divine feast for the royal queen, is heavenly
And that too with her favourite blood tea!

Queen is much too pleased with the settings
Loved the choco blood cake and really pleased with my hospitality
This was dearly a fine tea party for my beloved queen
Wave goodbye with a heavenly smirk on her almighty's face
We shall meet again in some times! Reassuringly
Danced in the heart of heaven! I was able to set out for my beloved!


Hail holy light and shower you luminosity over my angel

The beautiful baby girl, now chuckling with your wings brushing her

I cant thanks more for my lord! To get me a miracle worth loving!

Heaven I feel when her plump hands caress me

I cant ask for more!

Waiting for my Baby girl

The marvellous moment is not too far

For you to befall into your Nana's hands

Showering elegance with your brilliant eyes

My ears craving to hear your innocent chuckle 

To get soaked by your loving heart

My hands trembling to embrace you right

Am anxiously waiting, for my girl!

River Bench, A solid Proof To Our SolidLove

As I walked aside the river bank
I came up to our old meeting place
So lively and fresh
The dew drops being sparkled out and,
I can see everything so crystal clear
On our very first date, we united!
I creep back in our, lovely memory
A smile spread wide on my lips!
Our very kiss, Spread wonders so wide
Deep down in our hearts we planted,
the trust for eternity leaving us immortal
The silent breeze, and the aroma of salt
The trees residing on the other side!
All envied up, on the love we threw
Far wide that can erase all evil
Now am sitting on this river side bench
He was the one who stood for us
On his mighty legs, and that hardened laps
We sat with our love, carved out name
And now that years have gone by
I sit with him now all alone,He takes me back
Like a magic carpet, to my memories
He stored with crispiness and fresh
I am running back to the time we had
the most beautiful memorable days
Now that am sitting here
Staring to the eternity, to my death
You have left me long ago! I travel back-
with pain in my heart, still......I can smile!
With a soft smile, a silent pat.I said goodbye
To the solid proof, of our eternal love!
Like you said once to me and to our bench
I am running forward and now I am a legend
Just like you my dear old love!
I can't bear the thought of leaving you alone
With the memories of us! Fresh with you.
A witness of out eternal solid love
Like a legendary solid proof,
Our lake side bench, standing with pride!

I've risen to fall to correct myself! ~(lyrics)~

Now I can almost feel the lust
The freedom that I've gained!
I feel the passion running wild
Am like a free bird, flying high!
I can almost touch the sky
The wounds have stopped bleeding
Now I don't feel any pain!

Electrified, I feel its flowing through
I don't feel any pain, any more
Like that I have bared in my previous
Peep into my history,And you shall see a broken soul
Left alone petrified, I have learned to grow up!
And now, nothing will stop me.

I have faced fear agony and rage
No energy to feel hatred for those who broke me!
Been a crippled and wrinkled in my past
But now I know how to stand straight!
I can find my wounds have been stitched 
Now I cant no more blood bleeding out
All the pain and suffering I had gone through
Has run away far away from me and now!

Electrified, I feel its flowing through
I don't feel any pain, any more
Like that I have bared in my previous
Peep into my history,And you shall see a broken soul
Left alone petrified, I have learned to grow up!
And now, nothing will stop me.

I agree there has been lots of up's and down's
From my side to feel agony! But who may not make mistakes,
to get up from them and correct ourselves.
I wont ask to give me a chance!
Cause I can point out myself and rise again
I've got a second chance to flow with the tide
I'll use em wisely to move further
Don't have to point out saying,am wrong!
Cause I know what happened with me in the past and now!

Electrified, I feel its flowing through
I don't feel any pain, any more
Like that I have bared in my previous
Peep into my history,And you shall see a broken soul
Left alone petrified, I have learned to grow up!
And now, nothing will stop me.

Am rising to fall again, But I've fallen twice now
I'll make out myself. Don't tell me am always wrong
As I've felt the passion f freedom running in me!
I'll feel it through me!I wanna run with the wind
To enjoy the lust of freedom
Don't dare to stop me from it
Cause I may stumble and fall again and I don't......Want......that!

My desire with a stubborn heart

Ha!What a marvellous day to write a piece
Set my mind with a blank paper and my dear pen!
Get ready to write out, My heart says wait

I look to the beautiful azure sky
To the swift breeze that carries dried autumn leaves
Frolicking daffodils, gardenia and freesia 
Butterfly with turquoise pattern floats over them
The mighty mountain with pride!

The aroma of fresh grass and of the honey comb!
A marvellous settings of nature to write my heart
But no, My heart is still enjoying the scenario
And not allowing any word to pop up!

I stare at the white paper that had gone pale
I peeped into my pen wondering if the ink got over!
But no,my heart has gone ignorant without words
To describe what has been set out in front of me!

Bewildered stared at the exquisite nature,giggling at me
My hands paining to write about them
My eyes yearning to see what I can do
And my tender ears, throbbing to hear my words
But No! My heart is adamant and stubborn.

It wont let the wonder flow through my pen
My silence soon turned to be a boiling pot
What a wonderful day to paste it onto a paper
But no! I stared out to the blank space

And sticking my hands in a writing mode
Still the heart slumber, over the situation!
Waited awhile coping with my heart
But no! Not a word to praise the beauty of today

I sat with my writer's block all day
The pot exerted fumes of hot emotions running wild
Until I crumpled the paper with agony 

Wrinkled the pure white paper.
Threw it to the fresh crisp grass!
Wrinkled, crumpled, wet with fresh dew drops
Rested there wriggling to unfold itself.

Since then, my heart experienced heavy thunder and storm
And like heavy rain came the words of nature into my hand
But I had no intention of writing that day!
No I wont write! I was becoming stubborn then,
At least for a reason!

On A Rainy Day

I saw a girl stand by, watching the earth from above
Fair and blond, she was. But seems to be so dark
In this cloudy rainy day I saw, I bet she wanna be my love!
The black long she wore was like a bridal attire, so stark

Standing by the crimson red flowers, fearing this beauty
The black attire she wore was that made out of silk like her skin?
I don't know!The blond hair, clinging down not allowing me to see her face.
The skin that shone in the faded light, made me wanna touch her,Is that a sin?
I don't know! Is that a sin.Will that be a disgrace?Oh..oh...oh!

My mind is revolving her always, I don't know what to think
I have gone blind, On this day! On this rainy day!
What a pity, I couldn't see her face,if I could see her face,should be so pink!
Oh....Oh..... I have fell in love with my black queen I saw on this rainy day!

Her skin so fair and so beautiful, that black took her out
The beautiful attire so stark to her skin that shone bright
Oh...I was taken aback, my heart cease to stop and now I do pout
For the first I have opened my heart for a girl who is so light

In this rainy day that's so dark and cloudy
I have fell so hard from heaven to the ground
For this beauty that I saw, looking down gloomy!
And now as my heart ceases to stop, there remains no sound!

I was frozen with her one beautiful look, Her eyes was so black
Her frisky nails so long and strong, gave a shiver that went down my spine!
The way her gaze went down my eyes gave me a sudden panic attack
Her fangs that grew long and strong, wanna bit me a make my blood her wine

The girls I fell in love with was just a dark Gothic witch
With her flawless skin and grace, made me fall down to her throne
A girl to a witch who can tear and break and shake and stitch
like she want,A fear went down as I saw her face that shone

In the day so cloudy and so dark like a rainy day
I feel for a Gothic sweet heart who made me her fancy meal
My life is gone for her beauty and she had me this very day
Tore me apart sharing her love and kept me sealed!

I her heart's chamber I went so deep, love unaffected for her heart!
She loved me back keeping me save in the locker of her heart!

Torn Apart

                                               Born into the world of hope
With a wing to fly high
Let lose and struggled to cope

Petrified in the first place
Fondled the wings of purity
Tried to fly high and to be free

The goddess of purity who gave me my wings
Asked me to fly, but I felt twisted and tangled.
Longing to fly high but I am captured. 

The unfortunate dilemma that happened has got me
Tangled without any hope to fly into the hands of bliss
But the blackened witche who tied me, wins!

The longing is so much intense
But the opportunity has ceased to shine upon
Where am confused and condensed.

I try to fly into eternity, the feeling
Has made me longing for more and left me crying
With all my heart am wailing and squealing

But I feel that wont just do the trick
Am tied to the strong chain dwells within the hell.
Where the feeling made my heart tear open, bleeding.

The whisper in my ears you can do it
Leaves me more confused and wacky
Who is making me go insane and made me commit

The cardinal sin of tearing my precious wings.
Now all the thoughts and inspiration are lost
With a torn wings, am I precious and what I ought to be?

Doomed as hell, am good for nothing
If I would have waited for Something, anything
Would have turned up making me feel like everything!

The Candle Light!

                                            Scattering luminosity far wide,
a beautiful amber glow.
When lit, the flickering light blaze,
through the dark, scattering far.
Stands with pride, glowing.
Burning and bleeding! yet,
stay unaffected, shimmering
bright with a faded amber smile.
A friend of mine in the dark!
When my fear creeps in at night,
the young maiden lit herself
Blazing the amber glow through,
my fears feeling me secured and
happy.I gaze at the lady in the centre,
standing pride burning, yet bleeding.
Slowly, very slowly the strong ground
she stands, burns with the power of
luminosity she spreads.Always with
the thought to help to get off the fear
one has in mind and not complaing 
for her decreasing strength and body.
A divine soul spreading her might
to make the earth feel secured and sacred!

Speaking for the pain in my heart

Speaking for my heart always have helped me a lot
For the pain I bear in my heart is like no one can understand
For everything in this world we have definitions
But for the pain that's haunting me cannot be explained!

When I see the world outside which is a sprinting delight
I watch the moving crowd with a tear in my eye,
Cause I cant keep it in my eyes for long,It came rushing out!
Neither can I question my dear lord above! He has reasons.

I am left alone in this world with nobody to care,I wont say!
When my smile drops and I gaze in to the nature outside,
My friends do ask my why? I can't answer,
And I fake a smile and tell them I am okay,I don't wanna let them know!

Even if I wanna tell them what, What should I say?
I find silence will help me to erase out the awkwardness ,
That shall help me to keep with my dear thoughts
That haunting me with an aching heart!

I cant find answers that am asking myself, or to the world!
I find questions everywhere relating to everything.
Cause I cant feel it and cant enjoy it. The so called thing "Bliss"
Am tangled up in this deceitful twist of life!

I sit and sing to myself when my heart feel so much heavy
Where sometimes I feel I cant tackle the situation and I may burst!
I silently shed my tears and hot drops of water flow down my cheeks
And I feel so much happy, still I wipe em off when someone's see em!

The concerned question of what happened dear, haunts me
like a violent outburst of thunder, storm, circle down my ears
reaching to the core of my heart, leaving me frozen!
Unable to utter a word, like some violent force gagging me!

I feel intoxicated without a meaningful reason!
The poison penetrated deep within, cant help myself
Yet, I cant say to my loved ones the pain I bear in my heart
A lonely soul with lots of pain unable to cry for help, left unnoticed
in the midst of happy and straight forward people!

Questions Of My Heart

    A very deserving life kicked off from our faith

       by the will of god or cause of the black magicians!
       I don't have an answer for that question that often
       gets asked by my heart to myself!
       The silent happy path of our life
        changed its direction to many twist and turns,
           changing the blue print of our life!
       Gazing upon to get an answer.
My heart has now sunk to gloominess
unable to get back up to face the situations.
Changing the meaning and desire of my heart
to a meaningful desire to get fulfilled!
                                Aching heart ask to the lord almighty to change,
                                the path to at least a meaningful one.
                                As then I can console my heart about the situation
                                the Lord almighty has brought out for a reason!
Sinking in to the nature all day
accepting the inviting nature to its beauty
I get soaked to forget a one minute of reality and pain
where my friends don't realise it and mocks me.
                                  I look up to them and ask why?
                                  Can’t they understand a friend’s heart? If so why do,
                                  they belongs with me as my friend!
                                   I don't need acting heart to console me.
I need love and solutions form reliable heart
                  with purity and elegance to console me form deep within!
               I don't desire to be the happiest person in the world
                           but a silent wish to get a meaningful life and to understand
                       what happened with my past as to turn my life like this!
             To overcome the situation!
           A deep silent wish!