Saturday, 15 September 2012

The Suicide

So strong the feelings are
Can see the flashes of dreams
My life like a movie before my eyes
Everybody, comes and apologize and goodbye
I forgive everyone with a faint smile as I pick,
The beautifully carved steel
Into a thin razor sharp plate of wonder
I stare at the steel ends
As it reflects the beam of light
Struck like a sword on my eyes
I look up to the four corners all seeing eyed god
That spits only the truth
As I blaze at it,
And I could see was the rage from you
My reasons to end up are naïve
And you don’t bother to stop it
I look back at the blade
Stares it as if it was my close friend
I kissed it passionately
Whispered to it, be soft!
And then I took it to my freshly sprinting vein
And run the razor through it
Deep it goes, ripping the bond
And making it pour
The fresh blood of glory
I smelled the fresh cut
The beautiful smell of the steel through my skin with fresh blood
I look at the bath
As the beautiful color of peace turns
Stark red with rage and hatred
Smiling, as I feel my energy shrinking
I raised my hands again
And smelled the cut
The sweet smell of rage of agony
I fall into the hands of death
Still poring profusely
Until I see
The flashes and the faces I loved
Fades to black
And the music of life fades out
Everything turns like dust like ash in the time
Colorful faded blackish and then time out!
I succeed in my suicide!