Wednesday, 29 August 2012

What Did I Just See?

Pampering, My lovely golden hair
Unaware of the devilish creature behind
Staring at my beauty and my skin so fair
I turn so as to see a figure that turned me spellbind

Look to the mirror again startled
Wondering what the heck did I just see
Fell deep in thoughts being marveled
Is this true, Then why me?

Couldn't believe my eyes
The figure so very rotten
Smell so devilish just like skunk and mice
The fragrance of fresh blood got its eyes brighten

Devilish figure body as black as coal
Geeky whisper like soft breeze smell of garbage
Scurry off sucking in my soul
Penetrate in to my blood deep damage

Leaves it sprinting fresh blood
And sucks up every single drop
As its here, eternal ocean of blood
It makes me weak and make me stop

Stares at it again, Wondering weak
Scared I am and wondering what did I just see?
Is this thing real or is it just a freak
My friends acting freak or the real devil set free

Confused I am to my every limit and scared
But could not lie to my own eye
Trust what I saw that set me snared
Whispering that I deserved to die

Softly yet a merciless grip
Hold me strong and squeeze me tight
Until It let my whole blood to drip
Silent gaze and fades out with all my might
By a confused mind thinking, What the hell did I just see?