Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Turned as a robot

Sunrises! No sign of you
The night before I lay fallen
Into the hands of the dark
Wondering will I ever get back up
Waiting for you, To hold me tight
And raise me up from the dark
I sat frozen upon the window sill
Staring blindly to the hurdles
You made me carry with
Now you left me in the middle of nowhere
Sun beam hits upon me and it hurts badly
For not having you!
Staring deep within
that have no limits to explain
on the hardship I face
now I sit frozen like a robot
hard to know whether am me!
Butterfly flutter its wings and fly to me
As it fly showers the diamond dust
Soon turns to be dark wind
Hits me like a violent storm
I lay fallen into the hands of the dark
Wondering will you ever show up
Or should I phase back up as the robot I become!