Wednesday, 29 August 2012

The Women in Black

I always see this figure
Not very clear
Just floats through the air
But I don’t get scared
Cant make out its features
To describe how she looked
Cus all that I see is a,
Women in black.
Her deep dark eyes,
stares down into mine
A whisper I hear
Wanting to say something
I try to make out what she says
But all I hear is a blur
should I feel angry or sorry for her?
I am confused!
Is it just my feelings
Or is she real?
I cant make sure of anything
As I got this crazy feeling
Or have I gone mad
Am I imagining things
I wonder, am I the only one who is seeing her?
One thing is crystal clear
About what do I always see
Is women in black
Like a clock all around
Dragging it everywhere she goes
Sweeping the place as she walks
I can hear chains too
Fumes like burning fire
Appears within her
A stinky graveyard smell of rotten meat
Raise once in a while
It happens that I always see
And am going crazy
I don’t know if spirits exist
But one thing that surely do haunts me
Is the women in black!