Tuesday, 28 August 2012


SiEyes emits fumes as she stares
Cherry lips with the cunning smile
Melts you away to her own way
waiting anxiously for a drop of blood
Sucks up life from the man, who loves
The cunning devil, your worst nightmare!
She watches over the world
In an utter  silent gaze
Burns fire like that of hell in her eyes
Anger that is stark red
Eternal rage fumes in her
Shrieks and howls that she loves
Know to cope with the hate
Slowly very slowly
With that cunning looks
Attract the men on to her
With silent kiss yet so passionate
Moves her way to that sprinting veins
Fresh blood is she desires
The cunning women with her melodious voice
And her beauty that no one can deny
Eternal beauty with the eternal rage
Can shred her enemy into pieces'
Scrape the flesh from the bones
Sprinting blood drinks em all
Lovely blaze that of  the flickering fire
Attract men on her desire
Promises that she keeps
The cunning devil, with the promises that she keeps
On waiting for the kill and sucking up the blood