Wednesday, 29 August 2012


I can almost taste
the blood from your veins
That pours from your heart
So true and so delicious
You made me stay all alone
Where you should have known
Am best in my kind
To keep the blood lust fresh
Am laying here on the ground
Blood stained and broken
Oh Dear, the smell of your blood
Keeps me wanting more
And the fragrance of it
Run wild through my body
Pumping each second,
A new level to my sweet silent revenge
You should have known
That am all alone
When you left me desperate and alone
The blood dripping anxiously
To know about the heart you hold
Sincere it is to its own heart
Not like the one who beholds
Fake trust's and promises
Instincts were true, to which I ignored
Kept hidden under deep slumber and snores
I am once again left broken inside
Blood stained stark crimson red
Waiting to be torn again
For the silent revenge awaits in my heart
Late, I may be though
But blood waits and helped me so
Freshly cut wounds, that are not mend to be healed
Left unnoticed for silent revenge
Wont rest until I could
What my blood and heart asks and desires for
You left my heart burst open
Exploding hatred from the very heart of love
Phasing and mending new steps of bloody red
To fulfill my revenge unaffected in someplace of my heart
Sprinting new levels for my pain
Blood poured out wakes me up from my slumber
Pushing me to the tide
To flow with the tide to reach my success
Where lies my prosperity