Thursday, 16 August 2012

         I can still smell the long grass and the fresh meadows. Sitting by the fireplace staring deep into the fire when Em spoke “that was a long write, wasn’t it Kat?” yes I replied rather gloomily.

            Staring at the fireplace, I went back to our dear house in the village. It had been year for now we started living here in California. As I was staring into the fire for long, I crept back to our memory once again. The  strange smell of our house, the squeal-creak of each door, the beautiful windows giving the outer view, the smell of our rusty mantelpiece and the fire piece gone sooty, every nook and cranny is familiar with us, every corner and every smell, we are familiar with. As I came back to the reality, Em and I really wished if Lucy was here with us to narrate our past.

            Being 42 and crawling back to our memories when we were 20 is not easy they say. Colleagues from work, they came to knew that Em and I are writing our past. They do not know how much every detail is revolving around us; even now, we shall say every piece that happened between us. Every detail happens to be rich in us, that we only needed the right words to describe them.

            Our diminishing castle stands with pride, with lots of memories from us to our ancestors. We never went back to even see our parents to that place. They come to town for paying a visit and live with us for about 1 month or more. We do not have the heart to set foot into our house because as we get in, Lucy’s smile, laughter, smirking smile, giggling, sobbing, panicking hands, trembling, shouting, being shy, her blushing and simply everything fly back to us. Moreover, that breaks our heart.

(Read on to find our story and find out what happened to us and what happened with Lucy!)

         This happened long ago when I was 20. These incidents involve two of my friends and me. Through out high school and collage we where the center of attraction. Moreover, I had to lose one of my dear friends in a tragic accident. Which is gonna be explained in the coming way.

         My name is Katie, am 20 years now. I got a wonderful pair of emerald green eyes, which happens to be a miracle for me. One of my friends is Lucy. She was a very good friend, with a fabulous attitude towards life. She is quite shy and not so out spoken. She always keeps to herself where she opens up only for em and me. We had to lose her. Em is for Emily, she is the other friend I have. I love her name. She doesn’t like to be called as Emily. Therefore, everyone calls her Em. She is also 20. We used to call our self the shining triplets.

       We were special and were known as” Shimmering energetic triplets”. Actually, one of our mistresses named that. She was very friendly and loved us a lot. Her classes are so much informative that she often goes to other collages as guest lecture. We were simply everything like studious and stood first for everything. Athletes meet was in our hands and we were good singers! We simply rocked throughout high school and campus. Some really hated us and was jealous of us were majority loved us and were our friends! Nothing could really break our friendship. Mean girls tried their best but we got them freaked out. Lucy, em and I were the centre of attraction.

       All 3 of us hailed from San Antonio, Texas. We were close friends since birth and family friends, because our ancestors were famous traditional farmers. They were famous for the successful harvest every year and winning the traditional farmers award every year. That carried down to their heir and now has reached with our grandfathers.
         The place where we lived was in the countryside. It is not far from our farm place. a beautiful place with fresh green meadows’, wild fragrance flowers, tall ancestral trees and altogether a lovely calm place to live in.

          For the sake of our studies, we choose our path to higher studies because we don’t want to get stuck like our mothers like mere housewives, we want to experience life and go higher and so the 3 of us moved to the university in California. Therefore, we loved our life to the extremes. As the final exam for the 2nd semester was over, we got a month holiday. This was only once in awhile and so the 3 of us made our decision to spend the vacation with our family and so we made our way home. Moreover, the adventure started in this short vacation of 1 month.

          When our family knew that we were coming for 1 month, they were happy, very happy. Everyone was there at the railway station to greet us. It was a long ride back home. They took us to our beautiful mansion. We call it the “diminishing Castle” because occasionally we used to go to the beach to enjoy our maximum and to relax our self from the stress and tension of work. We all will swim to our heart content and then we all together shall built sand castle in the cold wet sand. When the tide comes high, the wave shall hit the castle, and the castle melts away, gradually I Em and Lucy named our castle the “diminishing castle”, it was just a silly name given to our mansion we loved the most.

        After a long ride we reached back home, and it felt so good to be back home. After taking a long, dip in the chilling pond in the backyard. We had a hearty meal for dinner. There was much wonderful stuff. Didn’t bother to check what was laid before us. We started to stuff it in. went straight to bed.  We were really tired and worn out. We slept peacefully unwary about the future, which was gonna be a tragic adventure.

        (Now I have become 42, I wanted to write down what really happened to my friends and me when we were 20 or so. All that happened to us is only because of our stupid curiosity and eager to know what we were not supposed to find out. Now Em and I really do wish that we did not do what we did then. It was only to lose our soul and heart Lucy. We 3 were very lively active and fresh and now, I hope that we didn’t have to be. Read on to find what my dear Lucy and we experienced. From what we understood, not all these things should be taking as granted like a joke and go deep fishing into them just because of our curiosity. Then that shall be the biggest mistake you shall do in our whole life.)