Wednesday, 29 August 2012

No Air!

Trembling with fear
Wanna make out the truth
Tangled up and tongue-tied
Gasping like a fish on land

Breathing no air!

Staring at the dew drops fresh
Quench my thirst to love you real
My knees are so weak and,
am falling down to your feet
Gasping for something
Like am ,

breathing no air!

Your love sparkles bright
Like a diamond in the sun
Melting out and flowing free
Making its way for me to see
It reaches out to my heart and,
Am breaking free,
But still am yearning for something

breathing no air!

Guide me love to a safest place
Cupid descended, now gotta pave my way
Love these angel with all my heart
Now I can stand straight and I’ll say
Your love made me crazy, now am free
Still Missing for something and you made me feel
That am, 

breathing no air!