Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Love From a Butterfly

 In my garden
Resting lazily in the sun
Fragrance of flowers wild in the air
Melting me away to a silent slumber
As daffodils dance
And the orchids sing
A soft melody to my tender ears
The nature calls lulls me to sleep
Where I fall in to hands of the god’s creation
Naked absorbing the beauty of nature
Trying to melt in to it…..
There I could sense the gentle touch
Like a soft angel
The touch of my butterfly
A beautiful creature with a touch of spring
Rainbow colored purity
A sense of serenity
As it flutters it tender wings
Waves of colors and patterns scatter in to the thin air
Like gold dust from the fairy’s wand
Like a magic I appears to shower love
Spread kisses as it goes
Lucky if it hits you
Eternal glory is all you get
As it spreads its wings of love
Takes you to a land unknown
Asks you to follow its lead
That will take you to an immense pleasure
Butterfly trails with kisses
Leads you to an eternal love
With the wings of your butterfly
That showers the love dust to an immense joy
That cannot be described
Close your eyes
Watch your butterfly
Then waves of diamond dust
Shall sparkle on its way
Ha! What a beautiful sight