Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Not always you get the feeling to live
Every time you may not feel happy
But there happens to be lots of situation to weep
Well I got mine!
Life was at its ease as I remember
In a split second it changed, I wont say
Gradually it took time as my path went wrong
My life said to be happy, remains like a memory
Now all I got to say is the story of melancholy
I have tripped and fell down in to the dooms pot
where agony rage and hatred only remains
Black magic is a game to play with others life, They believe
Got their hook and now am hanging
Life is unpredictable to travel as we wish
Never predict so as what comes next, Its with nobody's will
I am not able to laugh out loud cus of the pain i bear
Poetry still helps me as my friend, and still I cant open my heart to it
When my heart sinks to sorrow, I sit down and weep, Silently
The sadness I bear is so much for me, Where I find my time to explode
Never happened love failure as my heart didn’t have time for that
The sad story I bear is so dark and mysterious, That am scared
Will I be laughed and kicked out? I don’t know!
I always wondered what others heart desires for as I can’t explain mine
I find myself timid and spineless but I got my reasons to be!
I want to explain my situation but find tongue-tied by the dark that hold me
Am so scared at the outer world where I find myself invisible
My life, my possession, how bad it may be,
Still I have to breath until god takes out my capacity to breath
And make me lay like a ashen corpse, Lifeless as ma now!