Tuesday, 28 August 2012


With words of joy that pops up
Free or if busy I sit down to write
The lines just comes as like an obsession
Once it come, its hard to let go
Lines of pride and joy pops open
Fingers tremble to take a pen and write
Anywhere I  may be, I just don't care
I write as my hearts wishes for
My eternal desire to flow my imagination
To let my dreams and hopes fly high
Determination leads me to success
And writing poems leads me to determination
I may not count the lines or the words
When all that matters are the meaning
I once did got up from my bed late a night
Took up a pen and scribbled something
Morning light appeared, what I saw startled me
A piece of writing, such a wonderful poetry
I fave  it upon my walls
Where all my writings are pinned so hard
Writing shows me where to stand
As it takes me to a far away land
with happiness and joy
Leaving behind the harsh reality one should face
As it describes me and my style
I dedicate myself to the poems I write
Where it reflect what I am And,
I write when I wanna write.