Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Out in the dense forest
Laying in the beam of the sun
Hurt inside, deep cut
Pouring blood let out my pain
As the Tyndall effect falls all over me
Visible streaks of stark red lines
Of the wound that appears to be
From parting you
In the crimson red gown that you love
Lay broken deep inside
Wonder if I could get over?
The stones of joy
Turns dark with melancholy
Fresh grown grass and the rose
Turns dead with the sorrow hard to bear!
They knew me so well
And now I lay broken and dead
Turns then weak and pale inside and out
Ho! Hail Holy light
Put your light through me
And wake me up from the deep slumber am in
I need to grow up to a new life
Red roses stick with me
The one you gave
Lay besides me torn and blood stained
I see a distant image
Like a mirage glistening in the sun beam
Seems to be like you
But appears to be a deer
Stand straight bold and strong
How I wish you could be strong like that
Stays deep but as a wish!
As night fall I imagine you could come rescue me
From where I lay broken inside
As night fall I believe that my pain will fly
And you take the honors
As night fall, I wish!