Tuesday, 8 May 2012

What I Love!

I have found peace since I knew her
The silent angel who let go of my fear

Caressed me with her sweet heart
Embraced me with love and purity

I cant quench myself from the love
An angel with the beauty of a dove

Her eyes shines bright
With the love she scatter through her light

My eyes fills when I get drenched in her love
A beautiful soul full of emotions

Am happy to my extend to get her
Where she being my everything 

Never can give away the place I have for her
The elegant soul embraced with her love

I can write and say about her without a stop
Cause my whole world revolve around her

My one pure  love and one half of my heart
Full of love and emotion in a cart

Spreading wide for her three lovely issues
Doesn't spare a chance to create an issue

My eternal love, the one half of my heart, My mother
The other half being my eternal glory my father!