Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Torn Apart

                                               Born into the world of hope
With a wing to fly high
Let lose and struggled to cope

Petrified in the first place
Fondled the wings of purity
Tried to fly high and to be free

The goddess of purity who gave me my wings
Asked me to fly, but I felt twisted and tangled.
Longing to fly high but I am captured. 

The unfortunate dilemma that happened has got me
Tangled without any hope to fly into the hands of bliss
But the blackened witche who tied me, wins!

The longing is so much intense
But the opportunity has ceased to shine upon
Where am confused and condensed.

I try to fly into eternity, the feeling
Has made me longing for more and left me crying
With all my heart am wailing and squealing

But I feel that wont just do the trick
Am tied to the strong chain dwells within the hell.
Where the feeling made my heart tear open, bleeding.

The whisper in my ears you can do it
Leaves me more confused and wacky
Who is making me go insane and made me commit

The cardinal sin of tearing my precious wings.
Now all the thoughts and inspiration are lost
With a torn wings, am I precious and what I ought to be?

Doomed as hell, am good for nothing
If I would have waited for Something, anything
Would have turned up making me feel like everything!