Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Through each ruled line,I confess

Through each ruled line, I confess
The hate I have in my heart
But the memories running wild in me
Left me confused with a tinge of love
Rolling down the truth in me
Through the tip of my ballpoint pen
But the ink of love, makes me think
Bout the true emotion I've in me!
Dear love or bloody hell. Should I call you
am stuck confused staring to the paper
where through each line I wrote my heart
but through the opened part, love reflects
I love you but hate you too!
Selena's song my dilemma, run wild in me
Am in this troubled situation!
One half of my heart needs you,
When the other half doesn't need you
You took me to cloud nine ones, I remember
But now you pushed me to doom's pot
Not am struggling, wriggling, yearning
For something that my heart do love and hate!
When I confess the hate in me
through each line of my heart
the ink from my heart bleeds, torn open
the wound in me, forming a heart with a scratch
it hurts me dearly to watch you go!
But the cheat and lie form you
Makes me turn away when you look with your,
beautiful eyes, that wants to confess you are sorry!
But I guess the moment is long gone and will never,
Ever come back into my heart! Still, a part of my heart
bleeds the true emotion of love and affection I have!
Am waiting for the right moment to come
to declare I hate you without any more love!
Still a tiny part shed a tear with love!
My dilemma am confused!