Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Speaking for the pain in my heart

Speaking for my heart always have helped me a lot
For the pain I bear in my heart is like no one can understand
For everything in this world we have definitions
But for the pain that's haunting me cannot be explained!

When I see the world outside which is a sprinting delight
I watch the moving crowd with a tear in my eye,
Cause I cant keep it in my eyes for long,It came rushing out!
Neither can I question my dear lord above! He has reasons.

I am left alone in this world with nobody to care,I wont say!
When my smile drops and I gaze in to the nature outside,
My friends do ask my why? I can't answer,
And I fake a smile and tell them I am okay,I don't wanna let them know!

Even if I wanna tell them what, What should I say?
I find silence will help me to erase out the awkwardness ,
That shall help me to keep with my dear thoughts
That haunting me with an aching heart!

I cant find answers that am asking myself, or to the world!
I find questions everywhere relating to everything.
Cause I cant feel it and cant enjoy it. The so called thing "Bliss"
Am tangled up in this deceitful twist of life!

I sit and sing to myself when my heart feel so much heavy
Where sometimes I feel I cant tackle the situation and I may burst!
I silently shed my tears and hot drops of water flow down my cheeks
And I feel so much happy, still I wipe em off when someone's see em!

The concerned question of what happened dear, haunts me
like a violent outburst of thunder, storm, circle down my ears
reaching to the core of my heart, leaving me frozen!
Unable to utter a word, like some violent force gagging me!

I feel intoxicated without a meaningful reason!
The poison penetrated deep within, cant help myself
Yet, I cant say to my loved ones the pain I bear in my heart
A lonely soul with lots of pain unable to cry for help, left unnoticed
in the midst of happy and straight forward people!