Tuesday, 8 May 2012

River Bench, A solid Proof To Our SolidLove

As I walked aside the river bank
I came up to our old meeting place
So lively and fresh
The dew drops being sparkled out and,
I can see everything so crystal clear
On our very first date, we united!
I creep back in our, lovely memory
A smile spread wide on my lips!
Our very kiss, Spread wonders so wide
Deep down in our hearts we planted,
the trust for eternity leaving us immortal
The silent breeze, and the aroma of salt
The trees residing on the other side!
All envied up, on the love we threw
Far wide that can erase all evil
Now am sitting on this river side bench
He was the one who stood for us
On his mighty legs, and that hardened laps
We sat with our love, carved out name
And now that years have gone by
I sit with him now all alone,He takes me back
Like a magic carpet, to my memories
He stored with crispiness and fresh
I am running back to the time we had
the most beautiful memorable days
Now that am sitting here
Staring to the eternity, to my death
You have left me long ago! I travel back-
with pain in my heart, still......I can smile!
With a soft smile, a silent pat.I said goodbye
To the solid proof, of our eternal love!
Like you said once to me and to our bench
I am running forward and now I am a legend
Just like you my dear old love!
I can't bear the thought of leaving you alone
With the memories of us! Fresh with you.
A witness of out eternal solid love
Like a legendary solid proof,
Our lake side bench, standing with pride!