Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Questions Of My Heart

    A very deserving life kicked off from our faith

       by the will of god or cause of the black magicians!
       I don't have an answer for that question that often
       gets asked by my heart to myself!
       The silent happy path of our life
        changed its direction to many twist and turns,
           changing the blue print of our life!
       Gazing upon to get an answer.
My heart has now sunk to gloominess
unable to get back up to face the situations.
Changing the meaning and desire of my heart
to a meaningful desire to get fulfilled!
                                Aching heart ask to the lord almighty to change,
                                the path to at least a meaningful one.
                                As then I can console my heart about the situation
                                the Lord almighty has brought out for a reason!
Sinking in to the nature all day
accepting the inviting nature to its beauty
I get soaked to forget a one minute of reality and pain
where my friends don't realise it and mocks me.
                                  I look up to them and ask why?
                                  Can’t they understand a friend’s heart? If so why do,
                                  they belongs with me as my friend!
                                   I don't need acting heart to console me.
I need love and solutions form reliable heart
                  with purity and elegance to console me form deep within!
               I don't desire to be the happiest person in the world
                           but a silent wish to get a meaningful life and to understand
                       what happened with my past as to turn my life like this!
             To overcome the situation!
           A deep silent wish!