Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Peacock Wonders!

Prussian blue and hookers green
Mixed wonders of beautiful delight!
Eyes so beautiful, what a beauty
Cant take eyes, as one set on em!
Beautiful wonders of eyes on the tails
Stands with pride, the emotion in their eyes
As the light shines on em, glistens
The beautiful body of the creature's delight!
A pure attractive Unnatainable soul
Claim it before it rose to fly
As it dance with the frolicking tail
Spread's waves of colours in to the air
Nothing stand's with the perfect beauties
Nothing will stop them to show of their wonder
A lovely lively pleasure to get melted in
Strong wave of perfect emotions
With the one set to their gleaming eyes
Fall in love with the delightful exquisites
Shimmering dust of blue and green
Do wonders to the eyes who stares them right!
A nature splendour wonder to get soothed in
The play of green and blue delight!