Tuesday, 8 May 2012

On A Rainy Day

I saw a girl stand by, watching the earth from above
Fair and blond, she was. But seems to be so dark
In this cloudy rainy day I saw, I bet she wanna be my love!
The black long she wore was like a bridal attire, so stark

Standing by the crimson red flowers, fearing this beauty
The black attire she wore was that made out of silk like her skin?
I don't know!The blond hair, clinging down not allowing me to see her face.
The skin that shone in the faded light, made me wanna touch her,Is that a sin?
I don't know! Is that a sin.Will that be a disgrace?Oh..oh...oh!

My mind is revolving her always, I don't know what to think
I have gone blind, On this day! On this rainy day!
What a pity, I couldn't see her face,if I could see her face,should be so pink!
Oh....Oh..... I have fell in love with my black queen I saw on this rainy day!

Her skin so fair and so beautiful, that black took her out
The beautiful attire so stark to her skin that shone bright
Oh...I was taken aback, my heart cease to stop and now I do pout
For the first I have opened my heart for a girl who is so light

In this rainy day that's so dark and cloudy
I have fell so hard from heaven to the ground
For this beauty that I saw, looking down gloomy!
And now as my heart ceases to stop, there remains no sound!

I was frozen with her one beautiful look, Her eyes was so black
Her frisky nails so long and strong, gave a shiver that went down my spine!
The way her gaze went down my eyes gave me a sudden panic attack
Her fangs that grew long and strong, wanna bit me a make my blood her wine

The girls I fell in love with was just a dark Gothic witch
With her flawless skin and grace, made me fall down to her throne
A girl to a witch who can tear and break and shake and stitch
like she want,A fear went down as I saw her face that shone

In the day so cloudy and so dark like a rainy day
I feel for a Gothic sweet heart who made me her fancy meal
My life is gone for her beauty and she had me this very day
Tore me apart sharing her love and kept me sealed!

I her heart's chamber I went so deep, love unaffected for her heart!
She loved me back keeping me save in the locker of her heart!