Wednesday, 9 May 2012

No one will know

What I am, What I do!
No one will now and no one will understand
For the people who see's me
Am just a performer for money
I dug deep in pancake
Colour myself in my colourless life
They see, the outer me
No one dare bother to ask, Why?
The meaningful question that describes me
Why did I be like this
That no one will know!
I darkened my eyebrow's, colour my nails
Reddened my lips in dark crimson red
Covering the bruises and pain in colours
Am just a performer pleading for money
But why I do, No one bother's to ask!
They pay me much than I want
Yet, see me in a way they don't with men!
Am like a laughing stock for others
Some say something and giggle
While some throw me harsh words to bleed
They don't or wont realize am a man with feelings
Yet I cover myself in colours 
I am a man with a past,longing to forget
What is my history, they don't realize!
Am a man with dark past yet painful
That I want's to forget
And for that I perform. Yet,no one cares for me
They pay to forget their stress and enjoy
I play to forget and to get a new life!
What the difference? No one will understand
Or no one will know!