Tuesday, 8 May 2012

My Eyes Soothes For These Beauties!

Violent rumble
Stumble and fall
Heavy rains pours
with a tearing sound
of the sky being torn
and the clouds melting!
Violent streaks
Mighty falls
Thunder bolts
Soothes my ears
Tiny drizzles
On my face
Hair been scattered
With the beautiful streaks
The beautiful sky
Of grey and blue
Spreads wide open for the 
streaks of light
Light mighty waves
Of electron and neutron
Fighting each other
Declaring am the winner
Crashing sounds of swords
Fighting for the existence
By the electrons and protons
Reaches the earth ground
Like blazing light from heaven 
Angry blows of god above
So many reasons for the 
Ah!The beautiful streaks of
lightning and the sound
Soothes my ears like music!
I can watch the rain
With these heavenly beauties
As long as my fearie motherie 
stops me from!
Assuring the thunderstorm
I'll be back with a silent kiss
and a waving hands, draws my curtains
Covering the delight away!
With the lullaby of the thunderstorm
I sleep peacefully!