Tuesday, 8 May 2012

My desire with a stubborn heart

Ha!What a marvellous day to write a piece
Set my mind with a blank paper and my dear pen!
Get ready to write out, My heart says wait

I look to the beautiful azure sky
To the swift breeze that carries dried autumn leaves
Frolicking daffodils, gardenia and freesia 
Butterfly with turquoise pattern floats over them
The mighty mountain with pride!

The aroma of fresh grass and of the honey comb!
A marvellous settings of nature to write my heart
But no, My heart is still enjoying the scenario
And not allowing any word to pop up!

I stare at the white paper that had gone pale
I peeped into my pen wondering if the ink got over!
But no,my heart has gone ignorant without words
To describe what has been set out in front of me!

Bewildered stared at the exquisite nature,giggling at me
My hands paining to write about them
My eyes yearning to see what I can do
And my tender ears, throbbing to hear my words
But No! My heart is adamant and stubborn.

It wont let the wonder flow through my pen
My silence soon turned to be a boiling pot
What a wonderful day to paste it onto a paper
But no! I stared out to the blank space

And sticking my hands in a writing mode
Still the heart slumber, over the situation!
Waited awhile coping with my heart
But no! Not a word to praise the beauty of today

I sat with my writer's block all day
The pot exerted fumes of hot emotions running wild
Until I crumpled the paper with agony 

Wrinkled the pure white paper.
Threw it to the fresh crisp grass!
Wrinkled, crumpled, wet with fresh dew drops
Rested there wriggling to unfold itself.

Since then, my heart experienced heavy thunder and storm
And like heavy rain came the words of nature into my hand
But I had no intention of writing that day!
No I wont write! I was becoming stubborn then,
At least for a reason!