Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The Most beautiful day of my life

Finally the day has come
My life is gonna change eternally
I have this wonderful person by my side
Now I got nothing to fear!

Walking down the aisle
Holding hands of my dear father
Fighting back my tears
as am seeing you and I have to wave goodbye to my life!

Heart beating raises
Heavy sigh blow, to keep me away from my tears
The beautiful melody and the sunbeams
Beautiful angels from above waiting throwing petals and roses

Family and friends waiting anxiously
While floating in my precious mom's gown
Like an angel all in white, veil down
Bridesmaids giggling as they are my lovely angel’s sissy's

Capturing every moments in my memory
My father left my hand onto someone
That is where I came to reality I reached you
Now I can’t fight back my tears, I cried!

Preacher preaching and, every single line captured in your eyes
The wink and your smile really blow's me away
The final preach, asking, "Do you accept me to be your wife"
The words I DO was like a tidal wave that hit me, sent me down to my knees

My turn and with tears my voice wont come out
I remember a ring from heaven's dew been put upon my heart
And I was lifted and made me feel like flying in the air!
I landed hard to your soft lips made me feel eternal bliss

Oh! The heavenly bliss ceased as tears rolled down my Mom's pale face
Hugged tight assuring I'll be back soon!
Bouquet been thrown, had a hearty laugh when landed to my sis of 6
Rolled down in the ford, words of eternal bliss, JUST MARRIED!