Tuesday, 8 May 2012

I Exist to Live or I live to exist?

It’s so hard to let you see
what am yearning for?
The desire to survive
I've fallen deep to the ground
Unable to get up, to my feet
The strong uncalled reason
you set out, to make me weak
Your victory! I fell down.
Your magic spell cast me spellbind
am struggling to live.
The strong desire to set out my life
is stopping and came to an end!
How I do wish I could move on
with the dreams and vision I see
is crystal clear! Yet, I find it so
difficult is struggling so much!
I exist to move on with my life
And I live taking my breaths,
to make out with my family, I love.
But happens to be not happening
and now am stuck tangled inside
the so called thing called life!
Now I can’t figure out
I live to be existed or
I exist to live!