Wednesday, 9 May 2012

I am what I am

First impression is the best impression
But judging a person for the first time is wrong
That is where everyone gets wrong with me
At first, everyone told me I look arrogant and uninviting
But as they started to chat with me, they confess
Am sorry for thinking like that in the first place!
I forgive cause I don't like to stay arrogant
I am what I am and that make me different!

My heart breaks while seeing a person who is crippled
poor, sleeping in rags and on roadside!
My heart do weep while seeing them and 
Nature, animals, birds, kind people makes me happy
Where I silently pray for them to stay like always unaffected!
And pray for the poor to get away from their miserable life!
I won’t change for anyone who doesn't really understands me
I am what I am. That is what makes me exclusive!