Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Horrific Tea Party

Well, Well,Its time to prepare some horrific tea
The king and our dear queen from horror court,
is gonna pay off some visit in a long time, Babe!
Shall we start preparing our delicious goodies,
and the tea from our ancestors! 

Ah, Tea pot is bubbling! Am ready! Am ready!
The sweet smell of hot blood boiling is a delight
That our beautiful horror queen adore! Adding,
some sugar and skull powder to get a fine creamy tea!
Hmm, the smell is delicious that I may have it all!

Lets start making our fine goodies, Darling
We shall have a dark bloody bones chip cookies
Some choco blood cake with bones finally chopped
And finger stick, that shall be dipped in blood
Oops! Are these goodies gonna be too sweet?

The table has to be set, Flower vase with hay and hair!-Ready
Chairs and tables cleaned in gore!-Ready
Air freshened with fresh blood and flesh!-Ready
Aaah! Now all set let them come.
Yes! Here they come! Welcome my dear's!

Teas is served with chocho ladies finger chopped!
Her almighty is pleased! Now they goodies are fine,she said!
Am delighted! I can never be so much happy
To set a divine feast for the royal queen, is heavenly
And that too with her favourite blood tea!

Queen is much too pleased with the settings
Loved the choco blood cake and really pleased with my hospitality
This was dearly a fine tea party for my beloved queen
Wave goodbye with a heavenly smirk on her almighty's face
We shall meet again in some times! Reassuringly
Danced in the heart of heaven! I was able to set out for my beloved!