Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Hope sparkles when tears flows out

Hope sparkles when tears flows out.
Our hands unite the way our heart is! As,
Plants sprout out even if their mother has been torn,
Every species is born with Hope!

When the barrier became strong between us
You stood by my side, crossing hand's whispering Hope!

When our life was so miserable, I went pale and pique
You caught me from falling and whispered hope!

When the light that reached my heart stopped
You showered from yours and whispered to me Hope!

When I dearly felt that our worlds are shattering
You hold back the puzzle, locking inside whispering Hope!

When I blamed my dear God for what happened
You took me by the hands and said "God helped to see, so believe and do Hope!"

Its not late to realize what is meant to be,
Life has its own ups and down for us to row our boat hard!
If there are no adventure then how can we survive,
I dearly believed this when he took me by his hands, grasping tightly-
and whispering like a gentle breeze to my heart that has heated up, Hope dear,Hope!