Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The Candle Light!

                                            Scattering luminosity far wide,
a beautiful amber glow.
When lit, the flickering light blaze,
through the dark, scattering far.
Stands with pride, glowing.
Burning and bleeding! yet,
stay unaffected, shimmering
bright with a faded amber smile.
A friend of mine in the dark!
When my fear creeps in at night,
the young maiden lit herself
Blazing the amber glow through,
my fears feeling me secured and
happy.I gaze at the lady in the centre,
standing pride burning, yet bleeding.
Slowly, very slowly the strong ground
she stands, burns with the power of
luminosity she spreads.Always with
the thought to help to get off the fear
one has in mind and not complaing 
for her decreasing strength and body.
A divine soul spreading her might
to make the earth feel secured and sacred!